Live Stream your Funeral and Tangihanga

Distance, illness, expense, and of course, Covid-19; there are many reasons why family and friends may not be able to attend the funeral of someone they’ve lost. By live streaming the funeral service, we can help those who can’t attend, celebrate the life of the person they’ve lost. 

Aze and Lani

Karapiro, Cambridge NZ

Easy to View

We understand that many of your viewers may be elderly, and not technically savvy. Sharing and accessing the live stream is easy. Simply visit the private web page we provide for you, and the stream will start automatically on any device with an internet connection.

Audio / Video Quality

We use professional video cameras and microphones. We want those viewing the stream to feel like they’re there in person. A high quality viewing experience is something that sets our streams apart.


The live stream will be embedded in a personalised, private web page. This page is not searchable on the internet, and only those with the link will be able to access it. If you like, we can also password-protect the stream.


We’re often asked to stream the graveside portion of funeral services. In this case, we’re able to operate remotely by powering our equipment off of batteries and connection to the internet via a special cellular modem.


Basic Live Stream.

Live stream of the funeral/tangi service

Streaming to a personalised, private web site

Professional audio and video equipment

2 Camera angles


Mobile Camera + Operator

If portions of the funeral/tangi service are occurring somewhere other than the front of the church / venue, then a mobile camera may be required. 


Additional Location

This fee will apply if you’d like us to stream at a second location, for example graveside at the cemetery, after the church service.


Additional Camera Angle

Including a third camera angle increases the production value of the stream, and creates a more engaging viewing experience.


Cellular Internet Connection

If the funeral service venue is unable to provide an acceptable internet connection, we will attempt to use the cellular network instead. This charge helps cover the extra data fees we incur.



How does live streaming work?

We capture your wedding using multiple, professional video cameras (usually 3-4) and switch between them to make sure everything is captured perfectly.
We can also incorporate your DJ’s audio or use our own microphones so family and friends can hear every special moment loud and clear.
You also have the option to include additional services like a Digital Guest Book, Virtual Guest Interviews, 4K recording and more!

Can anyone online see my live stream?

Nope. We provide you with a private streaming page that is visible only to those with whom you’ve shared the link.

What happens if the internet connection at my ceremony site is too slow to stream, or cuts out before the ceremony is over?

We will do our best to test the internet speed at your ceremony site ahead of time to ensure it’s fast enough. That said, internet connections are never guaranteed, and it’s possible that your stream may be unstable. As a precaution, we make a recording of the ceremony at the same time we stream it. If the internet goes down during your ceremony, or if the stream was unstable due to a slow connection, we will upload our recording as soon as we’re able to re-establish a connection.

How and when will I get my video?

• LIVE STREAMING: The recording of your live stream is available same day.

Can we get ALL the footage in addition to an edited video?

Yes! One of the add-ons to our base videography package gives you all the footage we’ve captured through the day minus any shaky or unusable shots.

What’s needed to reserve my date?

We require either a 50% non-refundable deposit or the full amount (depends on your package) and a signed contract to reserve your date. The remaining amount is due 2 weeks before the wedding

How does payment work?

Online banking. I will send out an invoice

Do you charge for travel?

If the wedding is in Tauranga no! Anywhere else yes this includes flights

Do revisions cost extra?

We offer one hour of revision work absolutely free. If more than 1 hour of revision work is required, we'll communicate this along with any associated costs before starting the extra work.

What happens if we need more hours than originally booked?

We will NEVER leave you hanging on your wedding day. If you would like us to stay for additional hours onsite, we charge an hourly rate and request that payment is provided prior to the video being delivered.

Okay, we’re keen. How do we book?

Sweet! Once we’ve made sure we’re a good fit we’ll send you through some paperwork where you can fill in the details and pay your deposit

How do meals work? Do you ever eat?

Yes please! After so many hours of cameras glued to our faces, we get hangry too :) Seriously though, there is no time for us to leave and get food, if we do we might miss covering something important, so a main meal for me and anyone on my team is needed. We don't need starters or dessert. We also don't need to be seated at a table. Just a main meal and a spot around the corner is fine for us

Can we make a pencil booking?

Yes you can, however I do work on a 'first in first served' basis. Meaning that I only confirm a solid booking once an agreement has been submitted and a non refundable deposit has been received.

Let's Start Your Journey

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