At a time when we are still limited by the numbers of guests who can attend our wedding, live streaming a wedding is something new that will make your wedding perfect. 

Friends and family/whanau from around the world can be part of the ceremony as it unfolds. There are no travel barriers for guests when you hold your ceremony online.

Live streaming has become a necessity for virtually any event, be it a birthday, convention, announcement, and now, a wedding. Live event streaming was popular for a while, but due to Covid, the need grew to the point that most of our clients are looking to stream all of their events online so people who can’t make it, can still enjoy the celebration. 

One of the most fun parts of the live stream is that after the ceremony, you can join in the live stream group and chat with your friends, be washed with complements and congratulations

Sam and Tash

Eagle Ridge, Tauranga, New Zealand

Aze and Lani

Lake Karapiro, Cambridge, New Zealand

Julie and Andrew

Morrinsville, New Zealand

Tara and Matt

Castle Point, Masterton, New Zealand


Setting up for a live stream is a bit of a challenge, but luckily, you’re in good hands. We’ve done it a “few” times and it goes something like this:

1 - we’ll need a good wifi signal. If wifi is not available, a hot spot from a 4G or 5G device should work as well.

2 - we can use 1, 2 or 3 camera angles to live stream your wedding. The difference is between a single static shot and several angles that keep changing which will allow your viewers to experience a much more engaging and entertaining live stream.

3 - we’ll need a small area where we could set up our computer and switchboard to monitor and record.

Prior to the wedding, we will generate a wedding Livestream link, which you can share with your viewers ahead of time. They will be able to join the video at the scheduled time and day.

That’s pretty much it.


Guests don't have to download anything to see the ceremony, which is a huge bonus. Many other social platforms offer ways to stream your wedding live, including Instagram Live, Twitter, Periscope, and Twitch, although you need to make sure your guest list is savvy enough to make the selection.

We offer the ability to stream your wedding ceremony to a global audience by using professional broadcast equipment such as high-resolution cameras, video conferencing, and live streaming software to make it easy for friends and family/whanau who cannot attend in person.

Live Stream Ceremony Packages

Live Streaming

2 Cameras (Fixed)

1 videographer (Gymbal)

1 Computer/Hub Operator

Professional Camera

Professional Microphones

Up to one hour of streaming

$ 2500 + GST

Live Streaming +

3 Cameras (fixed)

1 videographer (Gymbal)

1 Computer/Hub Operator

Professional Sound

Up to two hours of streaming

All footage

Edited ceremony +$300

$ 3500 + GST

Live Streaming Ultimate

4 Cameras (fixed)

2 Videographer (Gymbal or Monopod))

1 Computer/Hub Operator


Professional Microphones

Up to 1 hours of streaming

Edited Video

$ 4500 + GST

Live Streaming Production

5 Cameras (fixed)

2 Videographer (Gymbal or Monopod))

1 Computer/Hub Operator


Drone Operator (If required)

Professional Microphones

Up to 1 hours of streaming

Edited Video

$ 6000 + GST


Who can see the stream?

Your stream will be embedded into a personalized web page. Only people with the link to this page are able to view the stream. The stream can also be password protected.

Does our venue need to provide an internet connection?

A wired internet connection provided by your venue or church is the most reliable option. If that isn’t possible, we have special cellular equipment and can stream over the Rogers or Bell network. This is what we use for graveside services.

Is it possible to play back a pre-recorded speech, or other video in the stream?

Yes, it’s common for close family who aren’t able to attend in person to send video tributes. We can play these tributes in the stream for everyone watching from home.

What kind of quality can I expect?

Streaming quality is dependent on internet speed. With a fast and reliable connection, the stream will look fantastic. We use professional video and audio equipment.

What impact will streaming have on the funeral service?

Our streaming set-up is discrete, and will not affect the service in any way. We will place two or three cameras on tripods around the perimeter of the service set-up. These cameras will not block anyone’s view. If you have included the mobile camera option, the camera operator will not interfere with service, and will shoot from a respectful distance.

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts at $975 for a basic setup. Options such as a camera operator with a wireless, roaming camera cost extra.

What parts of funeral can be streamed?

We can stream the funeral service in its entirety, including the graveside portion.

What happens if the internet connection at the funeral site is too slow to stream, or cuts out before the service is over?

We will do our best to test the internet speed ahead of time to ensure it’s fast enough. That said, internet connections are never guaranteed, and it’s possible that your stream may be interrupted. We will make a local recording of the service at the same time we stream it. If the internet goes down, we will upload our recording as soon as we’re able to re-establish a connection.

What do virtual guests need to view the live stream?

Anyone wishing to view the stream simply needs a device with a connection to the internet. For example a computer, smartphone, or tablet. They will also need the link to the private website where your stream will be shown.

Okay, we’re keen. How do we book?

Sweet! Once we’ve made sure we’re a good fit we’ll send you through some paperwork where you can fill in the details and pay your deposit

Can we make a pencil booking?

Yes you can, however I do work on a 'first in first served' basis. Meaning that I only confirm a solid booking once an agreement has been submitted and a non refundable deposit has been received.

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